3 fabulous benefits of yoga for kids

benefits of yoga for kids
benefits of yoga for kids

3 fabulous benefits of yoga for kids

Benefits of yoga for kids, Yoga for children helps to form adults who are more self-confident and more responsible with the environment. Also, it is a sport in which there is no competitiveness.

Yoga for kids is presented as an educational practice that provides multiple benefits. Until recently, we believed that their adult life’s most important thing was study.

However, we now know that activity is essential for your physical and mental development. We also question the type of exercise that the little ones should do.

The traditional answer is soccer, basketball, or track and field, but there is a world beyond that. Eastern philosophies bring a whole treatment of the body that seems to interest us more and more, as the rise of yoga shows. But is it suitable for kids too?

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When to start with yoga for kids?

Considering the little ones’ characteristics, the idea is to start from the age of 4. At this time, their body structure is already stable, and on the other hand, they already have some development of psychomotor skills. They already have an awareness of their own body and some control over it.

On the other hand, some wonder if it is a discipline for all kinds of kids. The answer is yes. Both the most introverted and the most dynamic will benefit from it. Even those with functional diversity will find advantages in practicing it.

  • The key in this regard is to detect which class is best suited for your personality.
  • There are different yoga methods aimed at reinforcing and correcting what prevents us from living with well-being.

However, all of them present the benefits that we will talk about below.

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Discover the advantages of yoga for kids

They will learn to improve without competing.

It is one of the few sports where you neither win nor lose. They also can’t turn on the TV and watch competitions. Moreover, if we compare it with other areas, this feature is also unique.

The importance of this learning is fundamental for children. It is based on improving for the sake of themselves, for themselves, and not to be better than someone else or get an award.

  • Knowing that everything that is assimilated at this age is extrapolated to the rest of the facets is a great advantage.
  • Knowing that there is a satisfaction that starts with oneself and that does not depend on others’ recognition is essential to be happy.

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Yoga for kids encourages self-awareness.

When we talk about self-knowledge, we usually think about the inner world. And it is indeed a fundamental piece, but having a conscious relationship with our body also helps us a lot.

Being aware of your limits and feeling capable of overcoming them gives us a sense of power that translates into better self-esteem. Besides, yoga for kids, as in adults, causes us to feel every muscle, every bone, even every breath of air.

This makes it more likely that we take care of ourselves and respect the body’s functioning. Furthermore, we will honor the same seriousness in the space of others, given that we already know that they are not our enemies but our equals.

They learn to detect and manage stress.

Perhaps the most valuable thing is that “detect” since we cannot control it without it. In addition to the philosophy that goes with it, the activity itself requires relaxation.

Therefore, if this is not your emotional state, you perceive the difference as soon as you get ready to practice it. When you notice the contrast, you understand that you had an emotion that made you feel bad. At the same time, you find yoga the way to master it.

As adults who have lived away from this type of discipline, we already know how difficult it is to learn how to do it when you have grown up. Having this skill as a child makes a difference. It is a substantial tool to develop with peace of mind and better choose what you need, what you want, or reject what is harmful.

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These are the main advantages of yoga for kids. As you can see, it will help them grow in better conditions, respect themselves and the environment in which they grow up. Not in vain are there many schools where they teach it from a very early age.


Anna Andersonne
Anna is a mother, yoga teacher, and psychologist. At YOGA LOAD she is the heart of the editorial team and writes about yoga, true happiness, and sustainability. Her articles are published in the Yoga Journal, Happy Way and GingerMag.