5 yoga exercises to lose weight

yoga exercises to lose weight
yoga exercises to lose weight

5 yoga exercises to lose weight

Yoga exercises are a good complement to lose weight and tone muscles. In fact, they can be used as an alternative to traditional training routines. Yoga exercises to lose weight have become one of the favorite alternatives for overweight people. While other steps are necessary to shed those “extra pounds,” these types of activities are very beneficial.

Some prefer them over traditional physical training since they allow you to burn fat and strengthen muscles without resorting to intense routines or additional machines. Also, they improve emotional well-being and help control the anxiety that leads to overeating.

Best of all, yoga can be practiced from anywhere, as it brings together a series of poses that do not take up much space and are easy to perform. Haven’t you tried yet? We share some interesting options for you to get started in this discipline.

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Yoga for weight loss: a practical method?

Many people may find it strange to talk about yoga as a weight-loss method. However, according to a study published by Yoga in Prevention and Therapy, this discipline can help you lose weight for different reasons.

The authors of the research explain that yoga promotes lifestyle changes reflected in body composition. For example, it includes regular physical activity, improved diet, and increased lean mass.

Likewise, in this case, another study, published by the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology,  indicates that yoga increases muscle strength and endurance, contributing to other exercise routines.

However, with respect to this study, we should also highlight that the effects of yoga for weight loss that were analyzed were lower than those estimated at first.

Finally, we cannot ignore the question of rest. Yoga is known to promote relaxation and stress release, which affects sleep. Recent research published in the journal Sleep found that the loss of body fat is lower in those who, despite dieting, sleepless.

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Yoga exercises to lose weight

Before you start exercising, keep in mind that it is advisable to do a brief warm-up and some gentle and simple stretches. In this way, you increase blood circulation to the muscles. As indicated by a study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, you can prevent specific injuries during exercise.

1. Camel pose

The Camel Pose or Ustrasana is a complete yoga exercise to lose weight and tone. It is recommended to strengthen the abdomen muscles since it works in this body area.

  • Kneel on the yoga mat, back straight. Make sure your knees are hip-width apart.
  • Stand on the balls of your feet so that the instep is on the mat.
  • Stretch your arms forward and lean your body back.
  • Hold for 10-15 seconds, keeping your abdomen contracted.
  • Then return to the starting position, slowly expelling the air.
  • Perform 3 to 6 repetitions.

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2. Cobra pose

The cobra is a yoga asana that works the lower back and abdomen muscles. Many recommend it to firm the buttocks and reduce fat accumulation in the hips.

  • Lie face down on the yoga mat, resting on your abdomen with your legs straight.
  • Put your palms next to your chest and lift your upper body.
  • Bend back as far as you can and lookup.
  • Hold for 10 seconds and relax.
  • Do between 5 and 8 repetitions.

3. Warrior pose

The warrior is a yoga exercise that, among other things, increases the capacity of the lungs. The abdominal, leg and gluteal muscles are worked together through its practice.

  • Stand on the floor in a straight position and spread your legs.
  • Rotate your right leg to the right side and keep your left leg in front, at a 90-degree angle.
  • Raise your hands towards the ceiling and stretch them out as far as you can. Put your palms together in a prayer position and lookup.
  • Take a deep breath, relax, and repeat the opposite side’s activity.
  • Do 10-12 reps.

4. Pincer pose

This asana is one of the best yoga options for weight loss, especially when the goal is to combat abdominal fat. It is very easy to perform, although it requires a certain degree of physical endurance and flexibility.

  • Sit on the mat, with your back straight and your legs stretched out in front.
  • Exhale and bend your body forward, trying to touch the balls of your feet with your hands.
  • Try to grab your toes and rest your forehead on the top of your calves or your knees.
  • Hold the position for 10 seconds and rest.
  • Aim to complete 8 to 10 repetitions.

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5. Bow pose

To finish this simple yoga exercise series to lose weight, you can opt for the classic bow pose. It is an activity of flexibility and concentration that allows strengthening the glutes. Besides, it provides more stability to the spine and reduces ailments.

  • Lean on the mat with your abdomen and bend your legs back.
  • Try to lift your legs from behind to achieve the arch.
  • Elevate your upper body and keep your gaze straight ahead.
  • Extend your arms back and try to grab your legs with your hands.
  • Inhale and exhale deeply and hold for at least 10 seconds.
  • Rest and do five reps.

Yoga to lose weight, only with good habits

As we explained previously, in addition to doing yoga to lose weight, it is also necessary to carry out other exercise routines to stimulate the muscles differently. Likewise, exercise must be combined with healthy lifestyle habits.

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If you are trying to lose weight and still do not exercise, you have the alternative of opting for these interesting yoga poses. Although it is a bit tedious to master them at first, little by little you will increase your flexibility and resistance.


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