Facial yoga exercises: the new trend to look younger

Facial yoga exercises
Facial yoga exercises

Facial yoga exercises: the new trend to look younger

Facial yoga exercises help us tone the muscles of the face. In addition to fighting wrinkles, it improves circulation and eliminates toxins. Its varied benefits can be harnessed at night, once the daily routine is over. We will tell you.

Facial yoga consists of a series of exercises used to tone the muscles of the face, reversing or preventing the consequences of aging. In this sense, massages and stretches are carried out focused on the muscles that intervene in the expressions and movements of the face.

The age of thirty is the ideal to start facial yoga. At that time, the muscles are not weakened and they react faster. Of course, at any age, it will always bring us benefits, because it is never too late for physical activity.

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Facial yoga exercises
Facial yoga exercises

Benefits of practicing facial yoga

Over time, the tissues lose flexibility due to the decrease in collagen. This causes the skin and muscles to sag and shows a flaccid appearance, with wrinkles. There are several ways to prevent or counteract it and one of them is exercise.

As with the rest of the body, if the muscles of the face are not exercised they also lose strength and tone. For this, we have the option of facial yoga. Let’s see what are the benefits derived from your practice.

Fight sagging

Performing a daily facial yoga exercise routine will activate the muscles of the face. This maintains muscle tone and firmness, as well as improves the appearance of the skin.

On the other hand, the lack of hydration affects the deterioration of flexibility. But yoga can help moisturizers absorb more efficiently, with all the benefits that come with it.

Provides flexibility

The dry skin is a possible sign of disease. And if it is flaccid it predisposes to the appearance of wrinkles. On the contrary, the more flexible the skin, the smoother it will appear, delaying the appearance or notice of the signs of aging.

To the extent that facial yoga maintains the flexibility of the skin, not only wrinkles are reduced, but they are even reduced. And it is that this practice helps us to free ourselves of the stress that accumulates and is evident in the face.

Strengthens muscles

Weak muscles and skin with a not very smooth appearance are a difficult pairing to dissociate. But the reverse is also true: firm muscles are associated with tight, firm, elastic-looking skin. With facial yoga, the muscles of the face are worked so that the skin stays in place. No sagging, no sagging and no fat.

Stimulates facial circulation

Most of these benefits that we have mentioned are due to a fundamental fact: facial yoga improves blood circulation through the face. This translates into various benefits related to the fact that the tissues are better oxygenatedas well as improving the elimination of toxins.

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Facial yoga exercises

There are a variety of facial yoga exercises, concentrating the work on specific areas to firm the skin and muscles of the face and even the neck. Preferably, you should perform this routine in front of a mirror wearing comfortable clothing. Let’s get started.

Neck strengthening

Stand firm, looking straight ahead. Turn your head to the right, not too fast and not too slow. Once your chin is in line with your shoulder, tilt your head back a little and hold for ten seconds. Return to the starting position and now the movement should be to the left. Do this four times for each side.

Another exercise that you can do for the jaw, but that contributes to toning the neck, is the following. Looking straight ahead, you place your fingertips on the top of the neck or, in other words, below the ears. As you slide your fingers down, you tilt your head back.

These exercises help you lift and tone the muscles, while firming the skin on the neck, helping to fade the wrinkles that are formed over time and sagging.

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Facial oval

The facial oval encompasses the chin area, including what we call the chin, which sometimes becomes a double chin. To exercise the facial oval, you must work especially on that part of the jaw where we feel the pressure when biting.

To begin we are going to gently pinch the skin under the chin using the thumb, index and middle fingers. This is done with both hands, pressing first a little and then outwards. Repeat three times.

Another exercise for this area is done with the thumbs, pressing and sliding them along the jaw, from the ears to the chin. Repeat three times as well. They are exercises that help you release the tension produced by stress and fatigue.

Tone cheekbones

When the skin of the cheekbones becomes flaccid, those lines known as wrinkles or nasolabial folds tend to be marked. To firm the cheekbones, the exercise consists of puffing up the cheeks with air, tapping several times with the fingertips and then gently letting the air out, counting to ten.

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Eye contour

Around the eye, the socket is one of the areas of the face where wrinkles are most noticeable, especially the so-called crow’s feet. However, there are several facial yoga exercises to help you with the reduction of expression lines in the eyes.

One of these exercises consists of exerting pressure on the contour of the eyeball, making like glasses with the index fingers and thumb of each hand. With these glasses, you try to tighten the skin while blinking about ten times. Then the pressure is released and repeated three more times.

A more focused exercise on crow’s feet consists of putting the fingertips (index and middle) on the temples, moving them towards the ears while opening the mouth wide.

Decrease expression lines

Whether on the cheeks, on the chin or at the corners of the lips, other lines of expression on the face can also be corrected, softened or prevented with a little facial yoga.

Can, for such purposes, the following exercise: lower lip inward, covering the lower teeth, put his mouth as if he were drawing one ONow try to smile. Repeat this several times. A variant of the same exercise is to place your fingertips on your chin and try to move your jaw from top to bottom. Then you tilt your head back.

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Relaxation exercises

To finish your daily facial yoga routine, perform a relaxation massage. Use your fingertips to massage your face, using gentle pressure and circles from the lower jaw to the nape of the neck.

Then lightly tap the face with the pads and fingers. Rub your palms together and when they are warm, place them over your closed eyes with light pressure. All of this must be accompanied by deep breaths.

Facial yoga is an exercise to prevent aging

Sport is a common practice to tone the body, but we must not forget the muscles of the face. Facial yoga provides various benefits: it helps to give flexibility to the skin and tones, fights wrinkles, improves circulation and eliminates toxins.

The best thing is that it can be done in a very simple way and it takes us only a few minutes a day. Although it can be done by people of all ages, it is recommended to start before age 30 for best results.

The ideal time is at the end of the day to help us relax from the stress of everyday life. Finally, do not forget that in facial yoga and in everything you do, the key to success is perseverance.

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