If You Suffer From Lower Back Pain, Try Yoga

yoga for lower back pain
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If You Suffer From Lower Back Pain, Try Yoga

yoga for lower back pain; Many people today suffer from chronic lower back pain, but can some measures reduce the pain?.

A new study published in the scientific journal published by (The Cochrane Library) found that practicing yoga would significantly help treat lower back pain. (Learn about the many benefits of yoga )
This injury differs between individuals, but the study defined chronic back pain as pain that affects the lower back and above the buttocks for a period of more than three months. The study indicated that this pain might affect a person as a result of infection with some diseases. Still, most cases of infection remain of the unknown cause, so that treatment options are minimal.

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yoga for lower back pain
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Suffer From Lower Back Pain

The study tried to find out the effect of practicing yoga on chronic lower back pain, and the researchers reviewed previous studies on the topic and found that practicing yoga helps reduce lower back pain in the first 6–12 months compared to not practicing it at all, but this improvement was also limited.

The researchers in charge of the study emphasized an urgent need to conduct more studies on the topic and in-depth research on the relationship between practicing yoga and reducing lower back pain, targeting a large group of participants to determine the long-term impact of this relationship.

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The researchers reported that practicing yoga is beneficial to the lower back region. There are several benefits of practicing it, such as reducing high blood pressure, slowing down the rapid heartbeat, getting rid of depression, and improving mood and psychology.

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