Laughter Yoga: it’s easy to feel good!

Laughter Yoga
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Laughter Yoga: it’s easy to feel good!

Laughter Yoga brings together people who gather around a facilitator to laugh together for a little over an hour. Strange? Perhaps, but above all effective in energizing the body and finding a smile.

Getting together for laughs with strangers may seem incongruous at first, yet laughter clubs apply an effective method to trigger giggles. This method, called laughter yoga, consists of a series of exercises, inspired by yoga.

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Learn to laugh

No need for humor, you use your body to activate your zygomatics. Thus, each exercise irresistibly leads to natural laughter and has its own intrinsic function: the “Lion’s Laughter” loosens the tongue and loosens the throat, the “Laughter Cocktail” has a euphoric effect, the “Laughter Yoga” is used to measure its scope in the face of others … If the laughter is sometimes artificial at first, it quickly becomes spontaneous thanks to the contagion of the group. You should also know that our brain is unable to tell the difference between artificial laughter and genuine laughter. It releases in both cases endorphin, the hormone of happiness.

Laughter Yoga
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The beneficial effects of laughter yoga

Thanks to the jerky breathing that it causes, laughter activates the diaphragm, causes a gentle massage of the stomach and intestines, activates blood circulation through the supply of oxygen that it induces and thus strengthens the heart. Laughing thus reduces negative stress and improves quality of life: sleep, digestion, strengthening of the immune system. Laughter also stimulates a sense of humor and allows you to take a step back from life events.

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Some precautions

As with any sport, people with health problems, or who have had a recent operation as well as pregnant women, should consult their doctor before participating in the sessions. To end with the good news, also know that laughter can build your muscles. Indeed the latter solicits the entire region of the abdomen. One more reason to trigger in you the urge to laugh out loud!

To find the addresses of Laughter Yoga groups near you, go to the official website of USA laughter clubs:


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