What should you keep in mind when you go to practice yoga?

practice yoga
practice yoga

What should you keep in mind when you go to practice yoga?

If you want to practice yoga, there are specific issues that you should take into account if you want the session to be beneficial and avoid unforeseen events or injuries due to poor management.

The interest in practicing yoga is a success. This activity, which in principle can be dull or very “stopped,” helps tone the body, gain elasticity and increase lung capacity. However, there are certain things that we should keep in mind.

We have to analyze if a specific type of sport is suitable for us and adapts to the objectives we want to achieve; the same happens with yoga.

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The types of yoga

There are many types of yoga. Some contain long meditation sessions, and in others, postures are performed continuously, or innovations such as much more lively music are introduced. Let’s see some styles of this discipline that are practiced today:

  • Hatha yoga involves a fundamental approach to the postures and how breathing is worked. They begin by performing simple positions and progressing in their difficulty as we master them.
  • Raja yoga: It focuses on meditation. Although some poses can be performed, they are usually effortless, depending on the teacher. Most of the time, meditation will be the protagonist.
  • Kundalini yoga: It focuses on awakening the energy of the body. For this, certain tools are used, such as the breath of fire and postures that include specific asanas and mudras. A space for meditation is also dedicated.
  • Iyengar yoga: Your goal is to make each pose as perfect as possible by holding them for a short period of time. Thanks to this practice, people usually improve their physical form.
  • Bikram yogaYoga is practiced in a class at 40ºC and with 40% humidity. These days, it is quite a sought-after style. Improves fitness, as well as flexibility.

There are other specific types of yoga, for example, for pregnant women or children. It depends on us and what we are looking for to choose one or the other. Likewise, we can also try various styles until we decide on the one that convinces us the most.

Class level

Another thing that we should take into account before practicing yoga is choosing the level of the class. Many offer advanced yoga, and if we have never practiced it, this can be a big mistake.

In addition to the fact that it will be impossible for us to keep up with the other students, we also run the risk of injuring ourselves by forcing the body too much. We need to improve our flexibility and practice the most basic postures before moving into the advanced ones.

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Suitable material

When we practice yoga for the first time, we need to be prepared. To do this, let’s see what we should always wear:

  • Water bottle: Hydration is essential, and if we are going to practice Bikram yoga even more. Ideally, bring at least a liter of water for class. There are canteens to fill suitable for the gym.
  • Mat: We must choose one that is adequate, that does not slip, that is comfortable, and that allows us to perform all the postures without any problem.
  • Proper footwear: Yoga is usually practiced barefoot or in socks. If we opt for this last option, we must choose ones that do not slip and do not slip off our feet.
  • Blanket: a small blanket is ideal if we do Raja yoga since we will be still for a long time and get cold. It is also necessary for other types of yoga for the relaxation part. The feeling of comfort that it produces is very comforting.

Listen to your body

Before practicing yoga, it is also important that you learn to listen to your body. Many teachers will already tell you, but you mustn’t force the postures you are doing.

The reason is that if you are a beginner or have recently learned a new posture, your body is not yet ready to perform it perfectly. Any excessive pain or discomfort should make us stop immediately.

Many people are injured by not listening to their bodies. Yoga is a practice that allows us to improve our flexibility and the quality of our postures progressively. Rushing ourselves and not giving us time can end up hurting us.

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What had you missed in your first yoga class? Have you ever been injured? Remember that yoga has multiple benefits, but these will only be obtained if we progress little by little without haste.


Anna Andersonne
Anna is a mother, yoga teacher, and psychologist. At YOGA LOAD she is the heart of the editorial team and writes about yoga, true happiness, and sustainability. Her articles are published in the Yoga Journal, Happy Way and GingerMag.