The perfect diet for yoga lovers

yoga diet
yoga diet

The perfect diet for yoga lovers

Yoga diet, The balance between body and mind, the purity of the spirit… The basic principles of yoga are also the axes that guide your diet. ” The practice of yoga helps to lead a healthier and healthier life, to prefer fresh, natural foods, avoiding processed or pre-cooked foods, saturated fats, excesses, industrial pastries, refined sugars; and to eat slowly and balanced, chewing slowly, savoring each bite, thus avoiding stress, “points out Montse Folch, Director of Nutrition at the Institut Vila-Rovira (tel. 93 393 31 47;

For this reason, according to the expert, they prefer foods that come directly from the earth, the sun, and water, and much better if their origin is organic or ecological. Many choose a vegetarian diet, which facilitates light digestion and inner calm. “This is what is called sattvic eating,” Folch notes.

On the other hand, yogis consider all those bitter, sour, salty, too hot, dry, spicy, and intense foods harmful to health. And overeat and fast. With these guidelines, Dr. Montse Folch details two complete daily menus suitable for yoga lovers and healthy eating in general.

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Menu for yogis 1

    • Breakfast

. A vegetable milkshake (soy, oatmeal, spelled, almonds, rice …) with rolled oats. One sliced ​​papaya.

    • Midmorning.

A natural juice of varied fruits and a handful of walnuts.

  • Food.

A cold salad of pasta with avocado; Grilled seitan with grilled peppers; and some strawberries for dessert.

  • Snack.

Yogurt with honey and blueberries.

  • Dinner

Spinach sautéed with kombu seaweed and chickpeas; Tofu burger with grilled zucchini; and to finish, a relaxing Infusion.

Menu for yogis 2

    • Breakfast

For example, a tea (yogi variety) with honey and whole-wheat toast with fruit jam.

  • Midmorning

Soy yogurt with a handful of sesame seeds and a pear.

  • Food

Brown Rice With Vegetables; Tempeh with wild asparagus; and melon for dessert

  • Snack

Vegetable smoothie and oatmeal cookies

  • Dinner

Carrot and pumpkin cream; Whole wheat toast with roast beef and hummus; Vegetable yogurt

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