What are the easiest yoga poses?

easiest yoga poses
easiest yoga poses

What are the easiest yoga poses?

Some yoga poses are effortless and easy to perform, suitable for beginners. Despite being less complicated, they are equally effective in achieving elasticity and connecting with your interior. Just as there are challenging poses within yoga, there are also some more comfortable yoga poses suitable for people who have just started in this practice. Therefore, they are very simple to carry out and carry very few risks.

If you have just started doing yoga, either at home or because you have signed up for classes, we encourage you to try any of these poses. All of them are essential to begin to “accustom” the body and prepare it to move forward in postural correction.

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The easiest yoga poses

If you have never done this activity, these easier yoga poses will allow you to obtain the elasticity necessary to acquire a sound base gradually. Thus, the body will be prepared to move forward, improve the postures’ performance, and do more advanced ones.

When we correctly prepare the body, it runs less risk of injury if we perform a somewhat more difficult posture. In these cases, it is always essential to have a teacher or support to prevent us from hurting ourselves.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

 easiest yoga poses
easiest yoga poses

This is one of the easiest yoga poses present when we do the sun salutation. It is a posture where we try to form a mountain with our bodies.

At first, likely, we will not be able to put the entire sole on the ground. But, over time, we will be able to do it, thus achieving a more excellent stretch and performing the posture in the way it is considered correct.

Warrior pose

The warrior posture is another basic one among beginners. To carry it out, we must take a wide stride forward.

  • The leg that has advanced to the front should be at a 90-degree angle, while the back leg should be kept straight.
  • If this is difficult for us, we can flex it slightly at first.

The arms can take multiple postures. They may be erect sideways parallel to the body or rise upward. This will depend on the asana we are practicing.

Plank pose

This is another of the most comfortable yoga poses. It consists of getting in the same position as if we were to do a push-up.

  • We have to watch that our hips do not go up.
  • We will try to visualize a straight line that goes from our shoulders through the hips and ending at the ankles.

All the weight of our body will fall on the arms and palms of the hands. The head should not hang but will look towards the ground or in front, faithful to that straight line that we have drawn in an imaginary way.

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Cow and cat pose

The cow pose is performed by standing on all fours and curving the back. We must pay attention that the hands are under our shoulders and knees under our hips.

  • When we round the hips by pushing the buttocks out, we must accompany this movement with the head, which will lookup. This yoga pose is great for stretching your back muscles.

The cat’s position is usually performed accompanied by that of the cow. In this case, the pose is done in reverse.

  • The back curves up, we squeeze our glutes and put our head between our arms.

In this posture, breathing is essential. When we have a curved back, we will breathe in and, when we return to the starting position, we will breathe out.

Child’s posture

This position is considered by many as the preferred one. It is usually done at the yoga class as part of relaxation. It is not a complicated position at all.

  • We have to get on our knees, sit down and bring our body forward while stretching our arms.
  • At first, it can be difficult to get your glutes to touch your heels. However, as we practice this pose, we will achieve a greater stretch.

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Have you ever practiced these easier yoga poses? If you’ve signed up for a beginner’s class, chances are you’ve already become familiar with one. However, if you choose to exercise at home, we encourage you to try them. They are essential to get started.



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