What Is The Purpose Of Yoga?: Lopez Writes

What Is The Purpose Of Yoga
Img src: Pixabay.com By Natalie Sovska

What Is The Purpose Of Yoga?

What Is The Purpose Of Yoga?; Yoga is an evolved scientific discipline. Although founded thousands of years ago, the practice of yoga is still evolving. The essence of yoga is derived from the Vedas and Tantric traditions and these principles have been passed down from generation to generation. The sages and seers, who kept the secrets of yoga, who wrote down in ancient transcripts and it is through these transcripts that we have come to know about the true principles, intention and purpose of yoga.

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Although yoga is considered a spiritual practice, the purpose of yoga is not really religious in any respect. There are no dogmas or religious beliefs that are followed in the practice of yoga. In fact, yoga simply deals with various problems of human nature and existence through practical and often physical methods. All these methods are aimed at achieving the union of the physical limits of a person with the emotional and spiritual limits.

There is a vast repository of methods when it comes to yoga and they are all used in different ways in order for it to integrate well with society. Yoga can be applied in real life in different ways. Yoga can not only be used as a therapy for the treatment of physical ailments, but also as a technique for health management and stress management.

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What Is The Purpose Of Yoga
Img src: Pixabay.com By Natalie Sovska

The Purpose Of Yoga

At the moment yoga is undergoing tremendous changes and there is a fast pace at which integration is taking place with modern society. With the modern investigation of the veil of mysticism, it is slowly being lifted and the scientific endeavors of yoga are being explored to further the purpose of yoga within modern medicine. Yoga is today considered a form of therapy, useful in all facets of life.

It is increasingly being used as an alternative method of treatment in conjunction with modern medicine. However, even though yoga is practiced on a larger scale than ever before, it is not a mistake to believe that this practice is only done on a superficial level. For the development of a more complete view on yoga, the principles detailed in ancient texts were assumed and understood.

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Yoga is not only practiced as a physical exercise routine, but the true benefits and meaning of yoga can only be achieved when a person follows the yogic lifestyle. With the yogic lifestyle, a person increases his / her mastery over himself and his surroundings, allowing for a better union between mind, spirit and body. The body becomes stronger and more resistant to disease and pain while the mind becomes calmer and more focused.

If you also tend to focus on the spiritual aspect, you will feel closer to the Almighty and may be well in your way of understanding One-sided knowing.


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