Why yoga is so important ?

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Yoga is becoming more and more popular, especially among competitive athletes such as soccer players or track and field athletes. Not without reason, because the exercises on the mat promote athletic performance and ensure mental balance. Here we will show you how this works and why you should integrate yoga into your sports program.

What can yoga help with?

1. You learn to let go

Many people think a lot, not just at work but also at home. If you, too, are such a head person and just cannot find peace, yoga can be just right for you. Because here you have the opportunity to dedicate yourself more to your body again. This means that you are better aware of all warning signals and that you regularly take time out.

2. You strengthen your entire body

The critical point is that with yoga, you can strengthen and tone your entire body. With certain exercises, you also address deeper stomach and back muscles (the so-called core muscles), which means you have less pain. Besides, you protect your spine and have a more upright posture.

3. Yoga can reduce injuries

When you are still relatively untrained and then start a new sport, you are still very prone to injury. For example, running training targets many different muscle groups and tendons. If you start too quickly, these can cramp or shorten, which can be very painful. Yoga can help prevent this from happening.

Because the different exercises strengthen many different muscle groups and at the same time protect the body. If you do this regularly, you won’t get injured as quickly while exercising. Because, among other things, you use yoga to stretch your muscles and relieve cramps.

4. You can lose weight

After Christmas in particular, many people have a gram or two too much on their ribs. If this is the case for you too, you should start doing more exercise again. You don’t even have to leave the house and spend a lot of money on a gym to do this.

Because you can also lose weight with yoga and at home, the big advantage is that the exercises are gentle on the joints and at the same time train your entire body. Also, your head comes to rest, and you are more balanced. Even if it doesn’t look like it to outsiders, yoga is also strenuous and can help you lose weight.

5. Stress is reduced

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Stress can arise quickly in everyday life because you have to take care of various things and preferably don’t forget anything. To stay calm about this, yoga can be beneficial. Because here, you use different meditation techniques to let your mind come to rest during this time. You also pay more attention to your breathing, which makes the body relax.

Because your head is supplied with more fresh oxygen, and energy flows through it. The nice thing is that you can easily integrate many of these exercises into everyday life. Often, five to ten minutes a day are enough to reduce the stress level significantly.

6. You get a different consciousness

The many positive effects result directly on the mat and can also be felt in many other life situations. If you exercise regularly, you will be more interested in a healthy lifestyle in the long run. This can mean, for example, that you eat better and drink less alcohol.

So it becomes clear that yoga can have many positive effects on your health. If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to try it out.

7. You get more self-confidence again

Unlike in the gym, there are usually no mirrors in a yoga class. That’s a good thing because, after all, it’s not about being better than the others. Nobody takes a critical look at the person next to them or interferes in their exercises. Because yoga is not a competition; rather, it is about strengthening your own soul and body. Among other things, you will regain greater self-confidence through a better body feeling. It is important that you only do exercises that are good for you. If you are in extreme pain with some movements, it is better to leave them and do others.

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.8. You break bad habits

Almost everyone makes a New Year’s Eve change certain things and bad habits in the next year. But very few people really stick to their good intentions in the long term. Here, too, yoga can be beneficial. Because we learn discipline and self-respect. This means that we concentrate more on the body and its needs. We are dealing more closely with our health again. This makes it easier for us to keep certain things and break bad habits with willpower.

9. Yoga trains your attention

If you do yoga regularly, you will become more attentive in the long run because you perceive your body and your environment much better. Since you pay more attention to your breathing and think less about unimportant things, you can concentrate on the essentials and do the different exercises more cleanly.

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