Intimate couples yoga poses: a way to strengthen your relationship

Yoga for couples: a way to strengthen your relationship

Intimate couples yoga poses: a way to strengthen your relationship

Intimate couples yoga poses, Encourage your partner to join you in yoga and together you will have an extraordinary experience. Doing yoga exercises for couples is a different and fun way to take advantage of all the benefits of yoga for the body and mind while helping to strengthen and improve the relationship by sharing an extraordinary experience together. Yoga exercises for couples require teamwork and mutual trust. The results of your work depend on the support you receive from your partner and vice versa.

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Yoga exercises for couples

1. Seated meditation

Many yoga sessions begin with meditation, which can be done in contact with a partner. Sit back to back with your legs simply crossed ( Sukhasana ) or intertwined with your feet on your thighs in a lotus position. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.
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They can try to synchronize the inhalations and exhalations to start the exercises with a better connection.

2. Seated Twist ( Parivritta Sukhasana )

In the same meditation position on your back, turn your torso to the left until you reach your partner’s right knee with your left hand. The right hand should rest on the left knee. Hold the position for several breaths and then repeat on the other side.

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3. Forward and backward stretch

Still in the same position, back to back and legs crossed, they stretch their arms up and clasp their hands. You bend your waist forward, pulling your partner back. Do it gently so you don’t hurt your back.
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Yoga for couples: a way to strengthen your relationship
Yoga for couples: a way to strengthen your relationship

4. Child pose

You sit on your knees resting your buttocks on your heels, then bend your waist forward with your arms stretched out until your chest is on your knees. Subsequently, the couple lies on their backs against the back of whoever is in the child’s pose. This pose helps to further stretch the back.

5. Leg and waist stretch.

This position is similar to the child’s pose, but instead of gathering the legs, they stretch forward, keeping them straight. Lean the waist forward until reaching the toes with the hands. The couple lies back to back.

6. Boat pose ( Navasana )

They sit face to face with their legs stretched out, bringing the soles of their feet together. They then hold hands and begin to lift their legs together.

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7. Back Stretch ( Urdhva Uttanasana )

Standing back to back, hold hands and bend the entire body, from the feet forward. Then they contort their backs back as if to bring their heads together. This exercise can also be performed by standing face to face, holding on to the arms, and twisting the back.

8. Sitting ( Utkatasana )

They stand face to face and hold hands. Little by little, they bend their knees until they are in a sitting position, pulling the couple. This pose can be extended to the asana Parivritta Utkatasana by holding on to one hand (left with right) and stretching the free hand back, rotating the torso.

9. Shoulder opening ( Uttanasana )

Stand facing each other with your arms outstretched holding each other by the shoulders. Take small steps back, keeping your legs and back straight, so that your waists lean until your swords are flush with the ground. The arms must keep the pressure on the partner’s shoulders to stretch them.

With these simple yoga poses for couples you can start making yoga a routine that you will enjoy together and you will notice how these exercises give a new dimension to the relationship.

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