Yoga For Heart: It Protects You From Heart Disease!

Yoga For Heart
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Yoga For Heart: It Protects You From Heart Disease!

Yoga For Heart, With its great benefits, yoga helps the body improve its flexibility and tighten muscles safely, relieves the body from tension and even pain and fatigue, and increases its flexibility. And the benefits of yoga are not limited to these things only, as a new study reveals that yoga reduces heart disease risk.

A new study by Harvard School of Medicine and Erasmus University in the Netherlands and published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that practicing yoga has positive effects on human health, especially in reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

The study results showed that yoga exercises help reduce weight, thus lowering the body mass index and its importance in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood.

Because of the ease and low cost of this form of exercise, researchers expect it to be used and practiced by many people.

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Yoga For Heart
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What experiment did the researchers do(Yoga For Heart)?

The researchers targeted 2,768 people over the age of eighteen, and they were followed for approximately 52 weeks. The researchers divided them into categories:

  1.  38% of them were in good health
  2.  22% of them are at risk of developing heart disease
  3.  27% of them are obese and have metabolic syndrome
  4.  13% of them have heart disease.
  5. Yoga For Heart

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Besides, they analyzed 32 previous studies on the practice of yoga and its effect on health. The results among those who practiced yoga compared with people who did not exercise at all were as follows:

  • Practicing yoga for about three months resulted in a decrease in systolic blood pressure of 5.21 mmHg.
  • The “ bad ” LDL cholesterol for those who did yoga decreased by 12.14 mg / dl (mg / dl).
  • Systolic blood pressure decreased about three times more often than drug use for those at high risk of heart disease in the study.
  • The practice of yoga helped reduce body weight by about 2.32 kilograms.
  • Yoga helped reduce BMI by 0.77 kg / m2 (Kg / m2).
  • Yoga For Heart

Prof. Myriam Hunink that these results are important for those who cannot do another exercise, such as the elderly or those suffering from diseases that prevent them from exercising strenuously. Henk said: “The benefits of practicing yoga are almost identical to the benefits of riding a bike or even running fast, and that this may be due to the importance of yoga in relieving stress, focusing on muscles and breathing during exercises, which in turn increases the entry of oxygen into the body and then lowers blood pressure.” Yoga For Heart ”

Despite the benefits and advantages of practicing yoga, it is not clear after the time required to practice yoga to obtain these benefits and not determine the appropriate type of yoga, knowing that there are several types of it.

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